State Examinations in June 2021

JNR Cert 2013

Normal School Arrangements for State Examinations in June

Based on Department of Education circulars and following consultations with pupils and parents Heywood Community School has put in place the following guidelines for the June State Examinations.


  1. School Code of Behaviour applies throughout the exams. Full school uniform applies for the duration of the examinations.
  2. There will be an assembly on the first morning of the exams (8.40a.m.) in the Sports Hall.  From then onwards students must inform themselves of their own individual exam timetable.
  3. On leaving exam centre (early or at the termination of the exam) pupils must go to the Sports Hall where they prepare for the next exam until lunchtime.
  4. Canteen facilities will not be provided during the examination period. Parents are advised to provide a packed lunch if students are staying in the school. Due to the varying length of morning examinations, lunchtime will not commence until all morning exams are finished.
  5. Students may not bring cars/auto cycles into the school grounds. In the interest of safety to others, parents’ co-operation is requested in this matter.
  6. SUPERVISED STUDY facilities will be available during the exams. However this privilege will be withdrawn from any student who disrupts the study atmosphere.  Parents will then have to collect the student immediately after each exam.  
  7. Those students with no exams in the afternoon may be collected and signed out promptly after the morning examination. Please refer to the lunchtime roster sheet on back of timetable. The pick-up point will be outside the sports hall and the teacher in charge of the Sports Hall will allow pupils to be collected from the Sports Hall. Parents are asked to come to the Sports Hall door to sign out the students.   Students remaining in the Sports Hall after morning exam must bring in books to prepare for the following examIf transport rotas are being organised, the school authorities must receive written confirmation from the parents concerned.    Parents of Junior Cert students please note that the bus in the evening will not depart until Leaving Cert exam is over.
  8. Those students with afternoon exams only should present themselves at 1.00p.m. in the Sports Hall and participate in supervised study. This will facilitate teachers in identifying students who may have forgotten to attend for an examination.
  9. Students may not wander about the school aimlessly while the exams are in progress. The Sports Hall is a study centre.  Students should use this facility in preparation for exams.  Study will commence when students arrive on the school premises.
  10. No food or drink (apart from bottled water) shall be taken into examination centres. During the State Examinations, students shall use the toilet facilities in the Sports Hall complex.
  11. Full cooperation and respect from students towards staff and visiting superintendents will be expected during the course of the examinations.


Your ongoing support and cooperation is appreciated.