Collen and Erin Lalor performing an Irish folk song called The Lark.

  •     The Lark – Colleen and Erin Lalor
Cillian Moran in TY on the Harp (Paddy Fahy’s Jig)
  •     Paddy Fahy’s Jig – Cillian Moran
A Reacaire is someone who recites poetry. Today one of our students (anonymous) recites the poem Mo Ghile Méar which is on the leaving cert syllabus.
  •     Mo Ghile Méar
Jessica and Lauren Cahill perform a duet of Sí beag sí mhor by Turlough O Carolan on tin whistles.
  •     Jessica and Lauren Cahill
Lucy Cahill Performs The Road to Garry Reel on Concertina
  •     The road to Garry – Secahtain Na Gaelige
Brian Walshe – Casadh an tSúgáin
  •     Brian Walshe – Casadh an tSúgáin
Brian Walshe – Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé hÍ
  •     Brian Walshe – Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé hÍ
Dasha Bukova (First year) performs Aoife’s March on Harp
  •     Dasha Bukova – Aoife’s March
Niamh O Sullivan (Sixth Year) – Sweet Sixteen
  •     New Recording 575 copy 2
Bronagh Clooney (Fifth Year) – Fiddle Fly by Night Hornpipe Piece 1
  •     Fly By Night – bronagh
Moya Cahill Second Year performing a jig on banjo
  •     New Recording 202 2
Emmett Malone performs a jig called ‘The Orphan’ on piano
  •     Emmett Malone performs a jig called ‘The Orphan’ on piano
Laura Vesey (Fifth Year) performs a jig called ‘Trip to Galway’ on concertina
  •     Laura Vesey performs ‘Trip to Galway’
Ms O Brien composed and performs ‘Críost liom Críost Romham’
Amy Fitzpatrick (Sixth year) performing No Frontiers
  •     Amy Fitzpatrick performing No Frontiers
Brian Walshe (5th year) performs Sí bheag sí mhór on Bouzouki
  •     Brian Walshe – Sí Bheag sí mhór
Brian Walshe (Fifth Year) recites an Irish poem on the leaving certificate curriculum ‘An Spailpín Fánach
  •     St Killian’s Crescent 22
Orlaith Condren (Fifth Year) – Song for Ireland
  •     New Recording 582

In the video to the right above Heywood C.S. Choir sings the Deer’s Cry- Breast Plate of St Patrick in the Pontifical Irish College, Rome. I have added it in anticipation of St Patrick’s Day tomorrow. You will find it on this link at 14.12. The choir did a wonderful job of this piece. I hope you enjoy and Happy St Patrick’s day in advance of tomorrow.

Ms Woods