School Ethos Statement



In fulfilling its mission the school nurtures and affirms the uniqueness and full development of each individual. It promotes the personal and emotional development of students, staff and management in a caring and respectful environment.


The school ethos respects the dignity of each person by listening to their views and encouraging them to question and search for meaning.Mindful of our role in the education of young people the school endeavours to provide a learning and teaching environment that encourages students to give due importance to their studies and promotes educational excellence. Day to day classroom workis enhanced by field studies, projects and scheduled professional direction on study methods and examination techniques. The ethos seeks also to awaken spirituality in all members of the school community. It strives to establish the school as a witness to the reign of God and the gospel values and will nurture the Christian faith through RE classes, annual retreats and through providing opportunities for spiritual engagement (prayer services, prayer opportunities) while at the same time demonstrating a spirit of tolerance of the religious beliefs of others, facilitating them in whatever way
possible in the practices of their own faiths.


In living the ethos the school will raise awareness, develop a concern and support for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in society.It will promote an awareness of justice and equality and establish a positive attitude towards the social inclusion of minority groups in a multi-cultural society. It will attempt to develop a community which facilitates the development of a spirit of service and care in which parents, guardians, educators and young people work together for the good of the school, the community and the environment. Heywood Community School recognises the importance of cultural and extra curricular activities for all.  This incorporates respect for ournational language, our heritage, our sporting, artistic and musical interests, and our sense of national community and school pride. A cultural and extra curricular programme is offered, and all students are encouraged to participate.