Role of Parents

The support and co-operation of parents is essential to the effective operation of the Code of Behaviour. If teacher and parents are not working in harmony, pupils inevitably suffer. The school’s policy is to keep parents informed of any problems before they escalate.
Parents are invited to keep closely in contact with the school regarding all aspects of their child’s progress. Organised contacts on the part of the school include Annual Parent Teacher meetings, twice yearly reports, newsletter, educational meetings for parents relating to the students’ welfare and development. The school encourages parents to make full use of these opportunities. Parents are welcome to arrange a meeting with a particular Teacher, Class Tutor, Year Head, Principal or Deputy Principal.

The school appeals to parents to ensure that pupils attend regularly and punctually, and that a written explanation is provided without delay for unavoidable absence or lateness.

It is also important for parents to inform teachers if problems are encountered about homework. If at any time, a student is experiencing personal difficulties, such as those caused by serious illness in the home, or a bereavement, if there is any other serious cause for anxiety, parents are urged to inform the school so that teachers may be understanding and Sympathetic in dealing with any problems at school which may result from such difficulties.