Manga High Maths Challenge

Congratulations to Class 1C who scored a fantastic number of points to win the Pizza Party! Just shows what teamwork can do!

Your Pizza will be delivered during your SPHE class before Christmas. Well done to the other classes who participated. Better luck next year!

Details of the competition held during Maths week are below:

Want to win a Pizza Party for your tutor class before Christmas? Then get playing online Maths games from 10am Saturday October 13th to 5pm Sunday October 21st! To log in to Mangahigh go to and click on ‘Login’. You will then need to enter your User ID and Password, and also your School ID number, which is: 170031




How to score points

Select any activity, no matter how easy, and play it to earn points.

  • a bronze medal is worth 1 point,
  • a silver is worth 2
  • and a gold medal is worth 3 points towards your class score.

Students can only earn one medal per activity, so if a student has completed an activity and earned a bronze medal, and then replays that same activity to bronze medal standard again, they will not earn any extra points. However if they replay the activity and upgrade their medal from bronze to silver, they will earn 1 more point towards your classes’s total. And with another replay and a gold earned, they will gain one more final point for that activity.

Once a student has earned a gold medal on an activity, there are no more points to be earned by replaying it, it’s time to move on to something new because they have mastered the topic. These same rules apply for activities attempted before the competition period.

If you score over 150 points you will be awarded with a medal! The school will also win prizes if we score high enough! So get playing!