Important Dates

School Calendar 2017-2018

This calendar is subject to change as part of the contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures.


Thursday 24th August: Return of all Staff

Friday 25th August: First Year Induction/Welcoming Prayer Service for students and parents/guardians

Monday 28th August: Staff Day (No School)

Tuesday 29th August: 1st and 5th Year Classes begin

Wednesday 30th August: Full School Timetable except Transition Year

Thursday 31st August: Transition Year begins

Wed 4th – Wed 11th October: German Exchange (In)

Thursday 5th October: Parents’ Association A.G.M.  (8.00 p.m.)

Tuesday 10th – Tue 17th October: French Exchange (Out)

Monday 16th October: Final date for Assessment Tests (3rd and 6th Years)

Tuesday 17th October: Junior Cert. Staff In-service (No School)

Wed 18th – Wed 25th October: German Exchange (Out)

Thursday 19th October: Open Night for incoming First Years / Final date for 4th and 5th Year Assessment Tests

Friday 20th October: Foundation Day School Mass

Monday 30th Oct – Friday 3rd Nov. (inc.): Mid-Term Break

Tuesday 7th November: Parent/Teacher Meeting for 6th Years / Final date for 2nd Year Assessments

Wednesday 15th November: Parent/Teacher Meeting for 3rd Years

Mon 27th Nov – Fri 1st December: Christmas House Exams for 1st Years

Thursday 30th November: Parent/Teacher Meeting for 4th and 5th Years

Friday1st December: Croke park Planning 1.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Friday 15th December: Carol Service

Tue 19th ­– Friday 22nd December: Christmas House Exams for 2nd, 4th and 5th Years

Mon 25th Dec – Fri 5th Jan (inc.): CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS


Monday 8th January: Second Term begins

Wednesday 10th January: Parent/Teacher Meeting for 1st Years

Tuesday 16th January: Parent/Teacher Meeting for 2nd Years

Thursday 18th January: Enrolment for Incoming First Years

Saturday 27th January: Assessment Tests for Incoming First Years

Mon 29th Jan – Fri 9th Feb.: Mock Examinations

Mon 12th – Fri 16th Feb (inc.): Mid-Term Break

Thursday 1st March: Talk to Parents of 3rd Years – Senior Cycle Options, incl. Transition Year

Friday 9th March: Final date for 5th Year Mid-term Assessments

Monday 12th March: Final date for 1st and 2nd Year Mid-term Assessments

Monday 19th March: Bank Holiday for St. Patrick’s Day (No School)

Mon 26th March–Fri 6th April (inclusive): EASTER HOLIDAYS

Wednesday 11th April: Croke Park Planning 4.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.


Monday 9th April: Third Term begins

Monday 7th May: Bank Holiday (No School)

Tuesday 8th May: No School

Thursday 17th May:   Awards Ceremony

Thursday 24th May: Graduation Ceremony

Tue 29th May – Fri 1st June: Summer House Exams for non-exam classes


Wednesday 6th June: State Exams begin