Meitheal Group

Meitheal Group 2015/2016


What is Meitheal?

Meitheal is a youth leadership programme organised by the Kildare and Leighlin diocese.

This is the third year the Meitheal programme has been run in Heywood Community School.

Ten trained sixth year students are the Meitheal leaders. They take care of a first year class with whom they meet on their first day in Heywood.

The leaders help the first years settle in and meet with them regularly throughout the year. Activities and events for the first years are organised by the Meitheal leaders.

The first years get the opportunity to discuss any problems or issues they may have in the school. The chaplain of the school, Miriam Kelly, provides a link between the Meitheal leaders and the school management.

Who are the Meitheal Leaders?

The Meitheal leaders are chosen at the end of fifth year and they complete a week of training during the summer. A vibrant team spirit is created and the group try to pass this onto the first years through their work with them.

Meitheal Group 2015-2016


Lisa Daly

Siobhán Quigley

Ciara Farrell

Hannah Lonergan

Diarmuid McGowan

Sarah Hamm

Eva Wullich

Jessica Quinn

Edmund Walton

Shane Cahill

Past Groups:

Meitheal Group 2014-2015

Ciara Lynch

Aideen Lawlor

Michael Nash

Fintan Brennan

Karen Phelan

Theresa Costello

Elizabeth Keyes

Daniel Goode

Jack Swayne

Brian Glennon


Meitheal Group 2013-2014


Sandra Keegan

Marie Phelan

Roisin McDonald

Aoibhinn O Sullivan

Sharon Kelly

Roisin Malone

Noelle Murphy

Philip Walton

Daniel Delaney

Evan Ladd


Meitheal Group 2012-2013

Leanne Wall

Declan Fennell

Mary O’ Keeffe

Andrew Bonham

Alison Guinan

Michael Kirkman

Kerri-Ann O’ Grady

Jack Delaney

Laura Delaney

Annemarie Sinnott


The Meitheal Team of 2011-2012

Kevin Walsh, Lucy Dwyer, Sinéad O’Callaghan, Shannon Reid, David McElwaine, Niamh Delaney, Sarah Hosey, Martin Scully, Clodagh McCartney & Jane Ruddy.


The team works together to make Heywood an enjoyable place for all. The Meitheal team meet regularly with the first years

The first years are given the opportunity to take part in fun games organised by the Meitheal group.