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The following list of websites are excellent resources for both Junior Cert and Leaving cert Home economics students doing research in food studies practical coursework, dietary needs projects, Childcare projects, case studies or as a revision tool for examinations.



This is the British Nutrition Foundation website and it provides information on healthy eating and news items. This website would be suitable for 1st yr dietary needs project.
Information leaflets to advise and help on the management of a healthy heart. The section on guidelines for healthy cooking has a section of starters, main courses, and desserts where the fat content is low.This may be useful for students doing research asignments in food studies practical coursework.
The nutrition forum in this site offers advice on healthy eating. It deals with nutrition for all age groups, special dietary needs, food profiles giving the nutritional value of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, food safety in relation to food handling, GM foods and food labelling
This site is produced by Bord Bia to support the study of meat at senior cycle. Information at level 1 is aimed at ordinary level leaving certificate students. Level 2 information is intended for transition yr students and higher level leaving certificate students involved in project and research work. The section on food matters allows users to access their diet by an interactive quiz and offers tips to improve it.There is a game on the food pyramid, information on the nutrients in food and how they work in the body. An interactive section ‘fact or fiction’ is a useful revision test.
This has over 400 recipes –all tested and reviewed by site viewers. It is easy to navigate. The section on tips and advice offers menu ideas and include step by step tutorials on line.You can search for recipes that use particular ingredients. There is also an excyclopaedia of cooking terms. An excellent resource for all students.



The Food Safety Authority of Ireland site offers fact sheets on topics such as various bacteria, HACCP, and food legistlation. An excellent resource for Leaving Cert Home Economics students.
Paula is one of Irelands leading nutritionists of RTE Health Squad. This website is full of information and news on nutrition and health. It is designed to offer people a positive roadmap when navigating their nutritional requirments. This will provide excellent information for research investigations in the Leaving certificate practical coursework.
A good site for student research. This site has many articles and dvd clips on nutrition and healthy eating. Students can learn about the building blocks of nutrition, low carbohydrate diets, planning menus, shopping wisely and reading labels. There is also a section on special diets.
Choose design and technology from the list of subjects to access food technology and textiles. The food technology section has excellent revision sheets on the nutrients and the properties of food. Excellent revision tests are available so students can test themselves. The section on textiles has revision sheets and testson fibres and fabrics. Students can make their own revision maps for chosen topics.



The following recipe websites are excellent resources for menu planning for practical cookery coursework at all levels.




Special Diets


Recipes and tips for parents of toddlers


Recipes for thousands of dishes.


Information on Odlums products plus recipes


Ethnic recipes