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This site has a wealth of material. See the Physical Geography section!
Provides access to a large number of useful sites.



Below are a number of sites which may prove useful. Please explore them and assess their potential. If you like a site, remember to save its URL:



Geological, Survey of Ireland


Provides an array of geological maps.


Interesting site with some good features.
US site containing full colour physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.



The Met. Office


Provides lots of information. See the Education Section too.



Clear and easy to follow notes – useful for revision.
See A level and AS level.




Human Environment
Refugees and Asylum Issues
Population worldwide
Population issues
Indigenous people
Fertility rates
Global issues for students
General Information by Country
Anti-racism in Ireland
Life Expectancy
Urban Growth
Ireland’s Population Growth and Population History
Urban land use

Culture and Identy

Northern Ireland


Atmosphere- Ocean Environment

Met Eireann( Weather Reports Data)

Met Office( UK met Service)

Processes in the Human Environment

Ireland Census 2002

World Bank(Data on Global Population, Society and Economy

World Trade Organisation

United Nations Development Programme

NASA site on the Environment

Geo – Ecology

General Information on Soils

Tropical Rainforests(Virtual Tour through the tropical rainforests of Suriname)



Urban Renewal in Ireland

Ballymun Regeneration

Urban Pollution in Europe

Human Rights Issues

General Justice and Peace Issues